Welcome to the World of Drend

Collected here is all of the information on this world of ours: those who inhabit it, the Gods who rule it, the kingdoms that war with each other, and the creatures that dwell in the forests, oceans, and grasslands.

Overview of This Website

  • Forum
    Here is where we can all discuss times for sessions, events, and adventures in the world.
  • Calendar
    This will be where DnD sessions will be listed once a time and place has been decided. This also includes character creation times, map making times, solo adventure times, etc.
  • Adventure Log
    Here will be kept a brief log of the different adventures that have been happening and the workings of the world in preparation for future adventures.
  • Wiki
    All the information on the world of Drend will be collected here. Everything from monsters encountered, important people, the characters themselves, information on countries, and such.
  • Characters
    Here is where all of the player characters and main NPC’s information will be kept.
  • Maps
    In this section are the altitude, climate, temperature, and rainfall maps of the world along with maps of different main areas.

The World of Drend

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